River miles 221-225; back to the rim world

We packed up for the last time, and the guides shared the CanX tradition of a silent float from when Diamond Peak came into view until the eddy before Diamond Creek. At Diamond Creek, we completely unloaded and then deflated the boats. We boarded a school bus for the 45 minute trip up a bumpy dirt road to Route 66. We switched to a CanX van, and drove back to Flagstaff with stop in Seligman for cold drinks and a snow cone.
Hooker’s Primrose was in bloom at the edge of the river
looking upriver on our last morning in camp
Once Diamond Peak came into view, we did a silent float to the end.
Evan found a big grasshopper while we waited to unload at Diamond Creek, mile 226.
Back in Flagstaff, we ate dessert in Heritage Square.