We rafted the lower Grand Canyon with CanX, the same outfitter we went with in 2001. From the South Rim, we hiked down Bright Angel Trail to meet our boats and guides at river mile 89. Over 9 days, we rafted through the constantly changing canyons. We traveled 136 river miles and through 60+ rapids before leaving the river at Diamond Creek, mile 225. Each day, our guides described the plan, which was pretty much "we'll do some boating, some hiking... we'll have lunch..." Along the way, we stopped to hike up side canyons, scramble over rocks, jump off rocks, and play in creeks. Each afternoon, we unloaded the boats and set up camp on a beach along the river. As the sun went down, the bats came out, and then the stars and Milky Way.
Our head guide Lynne read a passage from Buzz Holmstrom's river journal that river guides refer to as "the doing of the thing":
"Some people have said 'I conquered the Colorado River.' I don’t say so. It has never been conquered and never will I think. Anyone who it allows to go through its canyons and see its wonders should feel thankful and privileged."
Buzz Holstrom, after his solo trip down the Green and Colorado Rivers in 1937.
The view from the river changed constantly as we traveled by boat from mile 89 to 225 on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. When these views are mixed in with photos from side canyons and camps, they blur together to become yet another canyon shot. We made a slideshow of river views to try to capture the magic of the always new, always beautiful canyon that surrounded us.
The river twists and turns, revealing new vistas. The rocks alongside change as we move downstream, from shiny black to buff to red, in endless variations. Clouds come and go, creating islands of shade across the river. The canyon fills with light as the sun rises above the walls.