ALASKA       Juneau Glacier Bay Denali Seward
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From Denali, we drove to Seward, on the Kenai Peninsula. That evening, we made plans for a boat trip to see Kenai Fjords National Park the next day. From the boat, we saw glaciers, orcas, and lots of birds.

Bear Glacier is very close to Seward. The dark stripes are dirt picked up on the edges of two glaciers that joined together.

A colony of murres

Horned puffins grooming themselves

We hoped we'd get to see this cave in Aialik Glacier fall into the bay, but it didn't.

Another piece of the glacier did fall into the bay with a loud crack.

View from the deck of our boat

There were lots of little islands, originally carved by glaciers.

A group of orcas, including a large male with a 6'+ dorsal fin.

The same group of orcas near a research boat

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