South Water Caye
After two nights on Tobacco Caye, we attached sails to the kayaks and sailed several miles south to South Water Caye. Sailing the kayaks was actually somewhat stressful, as it seemed like we were constantly on the verge of tipping over. No one tipped, though, and we all made it in one piece. After lunch on the beach, we checked into the International Zoological Expedition (IZE) resort, which was a large step up from the previous night's accomodations.
The whole group posing in front of the rigged-up kayaks before setting off.
The grounds were nicely landscaped, although at night this path was crawling with hermit crabs. Watch your step!
Our room had another ocean view, this time with mangroves as well. The barrier reef is in the background.
There was no hammock on this balcony, but it was still a good spot for relaxing.
The following morning we paddled out to a tiny island named Carrie Bow Caye that was home to a Smithsonian research station. They monitor the health of the reef, measure ocean temperatures, and worry about global warming and fertilizer runoff from shrimp farms on the coast.
On Carrie Bow Caye, with South Water Caye in the background
On the way back from Carrie Bow, we stopped for more snorkeling.
That night, we went on a night snorkel trip and took these pictures of the sunset while waiting for it to get dark. Night snorkeling was awesome; we saw two large octopus and a huge hermit crab living in a conch shell.
On the last day of the trip, we took a motor boat back to the mainland, staying overnight in Hopkins. While waiting to board the boat, we watched these pelicans dive for fish.
Marie Sharp's hot sauce was on literally every table in every resaurant we ate at in Belize. Things that are better with hot sauce: