On the river: 1

Our trip had five oar boats and one paddle boat. We spent the first day in Bill's oar boat. Here, Bill is rowing through a rapid on the first day of the trip. We used Kimberly's waterproof camera to take pictures in the rapids.

The black rocks in the background are Vishnu Schist, the oldest and deepest formation in the canyon. They were hot enough to fry eggs on.

The photo below shows on of the rare overcast days, which offered some respite from scorching sun.

Paul poses stiffly for a photo.
The waterproof camera got stuck in panorama mode for most of the trip, so we ended up with lots of panoramic shots.

The canyon walls visible in the distance are five to ten miles away, but they were still not part of the actual rim, which we could only see once or twice on the whole trip.

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