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Pelopennese  Peloponisos
Nemea  Nemea
Our next stop was Nemea, where Hercules supposedly killed a lion. Panhellenic Games were held here every two years from 573 BC until about 100 BC, and are now being held again.

Unlike the other sites we visited, Nemea had its own museum containing some of the objects archaeologists have found here. It also had exhibits describing how various parts of the site were used, and what it looked like when it was built in 330 BC. Now, only three columns remain standing.

We also visited the nearby stadium, where the games took place. We had lunch in our car under an olive tree, since we couldn't find any restaurants in the area.
Tiryns  Tirintha
Our last stop of the day was Tiryns. Like Mycenae, it reached its peak between 1400 and 1200 BC, and then was destroyed and abandoned.

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