Greece & Turkey May 3-15, 2000
Here are our pictures from our recent trip to Greece and Turkey. We went in May to avoid the hot weather and hordes of tourists that show up later in the summer.

We flew into Athens, rented a car, and drove to the Peloponnese peninsula. After touring the ancient sites for three days, we returned to Athens. We boarded a cruise ship and visited the islands of Rhodes and Santorini. We stopped in Kusadasi to visit the ancient city of Ephesus. Our last port was Istanbul, where we spent three and a half days visiting Byzantine and medieval sites.

The map to the left shows our planned route (we actually visited Rhodes first, then Santorini). Click on a location to go to that page, or keep the map in view as you follow our route.

We visited ancient, Byzantine, and medieval sites dating back thousands of years. Below is a timeline listing various historical events that occurred in the places we visited. Click on the timeline to go directly to pictures of the listed places, or keep the timeline in view as you go through the pictures.

You can read about the cruise line, hotels, and travel books we used on the details page.

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