Costa Rica day 1: getting to the cloud forest

We'd arranged a water taxi pickup at our dock for 7:30. It was still raining when we woke up, and our path was flooded. We carried the bags out onto the dock but there was no sign of a boat. We retreated when a wave rolled across the end. We trekked 15 minutes on the beach path in pouring rain, over plank bridges, dodging breaking waves, through 8" deep puddles, carrying 3 rolling bags to the town water taxi dock. We got a boat to come over from Bocas by standing out on the dock and waving for 5 minutes. We got across, walked a couple blocks, and got a cab to the airport just in time to check in for our flight... except it was delayed.
this does not seem like the best decoration for the airport
waiting for our flight to San Jose, Costa Rica
boarding our flight to San Jose, Costa Rica
taking off over Bocas del Toro
Evan playing games on the flight
We flew into the small airport in San Jose, and thought the car rental place would meet us there with the car. Instead, they took us to their downtown office and told us they'd given away our car and didn't have any more. We got our bags and walked about 9 blocks through downtown San Jose to another car rental place; they didn't have cars either. We got a car on the third try, and set off for the cloud forest.
approaching San Jose
over San Jose
sign at the Hertz rental counter in downtown San Jose
We stopped in San Ramon for snacks and a SIM card, and checked out the church. A few km later, we turned off onto a potholed road; we stopped twice for cows. After about 20 minutes of driving through thick fog, we finally arrived at Villa Blanca. A guy took our bags in a cart, they gave us hot towels and fruity drinks, and showed us our fireplace and two person Jacuzzi tub. It was even nicer than we expected. The restaurant was good but a little too fancy for everyday. We ate there the first night, and got room service or takeout on our way back for the other nights. Evan loved the jets in the tub, and took at least one bath every day.
San Ramon was really foggy
we ate some little bananas while we waited for Paul to get a SIM card
inside the San Ramon church
the road to our hotel had cows (and lots of potholes)