August 17 - September 10, 1998


It took us two days (and two nights on planes) to get there. We started our trip with a nine hour stop in London. From there we flew to Harare, where we rented a car and drove (on the left) to Masvingo. Near Masvingo we visted 1 Great Zimbabwe National Monument and Kyle Game Park. Then we drove to Bulawayo, dropped off the rental car, and checked in to Big Cave Camp. We went into 2 Matobo National Park for game drives, rhino tracking on foot, and horseback riding. Khangela Safaris picked us up in Bulawayo, and we set off for five days of camping and walking in 3 Chizarira National Park. We left the walking safari in 4 Hwange National Park and stayed in the Hwange Safari Lodge and Sable Valley Lodge. From Hwange, 5 we went to Victoria Falls, where we visited the falls from the Zimbabwean side, the Zambian side, and from a helicopter. Finally, we flew to Kariba and went 6 canoeing on the Zambezi from Chirundu to Mana Pools National Park.


We watched wildlife from a safari truck, on foot, in canoes, and from the air in a helicopter. We saw rhinos near Great Zimbabwe and in Matobo National Park. In Hwange National Park, we saw lots of elephants, some lions, and a leopard. We saw pretty much every variety of antelope native to Zimbabwe, as well as other herbivores such as wildebeest, zebra, warthogs, and giraffe. Zimbabwe also has all sorts of birds, including eagles, owls, and storks.

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