November 2000 - March 2001

Sasha isn't little any more -- she now weighs at least ten pounds.

Sasha really takes up a lot of room on the bed

She still likes
Paul's lap,
even though she
doesn't fit very well

She used to sleep in this tray in the closet, but now she's too big
(see how it's coming off the track on the right?)
two new things to sleep on: Paul's briefcase and a bed that was way too small for bassets

Sasha with her face buried in catnip

helping Paul with his new laptop

with the Christmas wrap
Sasha got a new climbing tree for Christmas. Here she is playing with it during early January

She really likes to scratch the new cat tree and chase the attached mouse (notice the carpet fuzzies on the right pole?)

Once she catches the feather toy, she likes to run away with it.

outside in March

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