Week of September 18, 2005
New this week
This jade plant is in a bed that's on the same sprinkler circuits as the patio pots, and has been watered every other day all summer.
This jade plant is on the edge of the hill, and has been watered only once a month. It's looking a little shriveled.

According to Plants And Landscapes For Summer-dry Climates Of The San Francisco Bay Region, we have three seasons in San Jose: the rainy season, the wildflower season, and the dry season. I'm starting my garden year this week, since we had our first rain on Tuesday. I'm planning to take pictures of the same spots every week for a year. I'll also take pictures of whatever is interesting in the garden at the time.

Planted radish, carrot, and heirloom lettuce mix seeds in one of the beds in the gravel area.

A couple of the yuccas are starting to bloom.
We're still picking full-size avocados, but there are lots of little baby avocados on the tree.
The usual spots
This is the front yard, seen from near the front door. The grass doesn't look that great, and we're thinking of replacing it with a low(er) water type.
This is looking toward the front door from near the street.
This bed is under the master bedroom window. It gets water about every other week. There are some sprinklers, but we can't find which valve they're connected to.
This is looking down the hill near the path. This area gets water once a month in the summer, but the olive trees in the back don't seem to mind.
This is the bed in front of the office. It has sprinklers that run every other day, since it's on the same valve as the patio pots.
This bed is near the side of the office. The big grapevine is probably a sucker from the roots.
This bed is just outside the workout room. It was planted in the spring, and gets water every 5 days or so.
This bed is where the pigeon coop was when we looked at the house. It was planted in spring 2004, and gets water from a soaker hose about every other week.
This is looking down the steep side of the hill. This area gets water once a month in summer, and the fruit trees have a ring of drippers that run twice a week.