Week of October 02, 2005
New this week
These pyracanthus bushes need constant trimming to keep their thorny branches out of the way of the path, but the berries are pretty in fall.
Even the aloes are starting to look a little dry around the edges.

It was still warm and dry this week. It's starting to get cooler at night though.
Most of the roses are long gone, but this one just opened this week.
The usual spots
The purple lantana is taking over the path again.
Salvia is still blooming, but I think the lavendar is done.
Not much happening in this bed now, but I put in some Iceland poppies this week.
I am planning to put in a bed for veggies here once it cools down.
I thought this grape vine was a sucker and was going to dig it up. I moved the trellis out of the way and got a better look at it, and now I think it's not a sucker, so I left it. I put 5 campanula plants in the middle of this bed.
The phlomis at the back are both getting bigger. Hopefully they'll be taller than the middle stuff soon.
The small white flowers are Santa Barbara daisies.
The hill is still very dry.