Week of October 09, 2005
New this week
The wisteria in the front yard has these big fuzzy seedpods.
I didn't cut down the flower stalks on the agapanthus. The leaves all died down in the summer, but now they're coming back.

It rained Saturday night and a little on Sunday, but it was still pretty warm most of the week. The leaves on some of the trees are starting to turn yellow-brown.
I don't know what this plant it; it was an impulse buy last fall. The flowers just opened this week.
Now all of the yuccas are in bloom.
The usual spots
There are a couple chrysanthemums blooming in the front bed.
Still dry on the hill, but the bird of paradise (lower left) doesn't seem to mind.
The Iceland poppies aren't tall enough yet to be visible over the edge of the planter.
The iceberg rose put out a few more flowers this week.
The kangaroo paw still has the fuzzy yellow flowers from early summer.
There are actually two of the mystery purple-flowered plants, but one is too short be visible here.