Week of October 16, 2005
New this week
One of the two pineapple-guava bushes. The fruits stay green, even when ripe.
These chrysanthemums are in the front yard.

This week, I discovered that the pineapple-guava bushes are covered with fruits. I don't know if they did this last year or not; maybe I only noticed because I was looking for something interesting. I'm not sure what they're good for exactly; I ate one, but it was a little bland.
The climbing rose really took off this year, after not doing much last year.
The old flower stalks on the yucca make good perching spots for hummingbirds. Mockingbirds like to hang out here too.
The usual spots
The wisteria is just starting to turn yellow.
The Santa Clara Valley District is offering a rebate for replacing grass; we're thinking about it, but we don't know what else to put here that's not very tall.
The pineapple-guavas are the gray-green bushes in the background.