Week of October 30, 2005
New this week
Lavender near the roses is starting to bloom.
These aren't quite open yet, but I thought they were interesting.

We can see a street in the valley that has lots of red trees. We have some yellow leaves, but no red.
The lemon tree is still going strong.
I think this is a walnut tree; the leaves are bright yellow.
The usual spots
The hydrangea flowers are pink, and the leaves are starting to get pink also.
I haven't been watering here since we've had a little rain, but maybe I should.
One of the Iceland poppies is blooming; several others have fuzzy pods, but they're not tall enough to be seen over the wall yet.
There are a few bulbs (paperwhites?) starting to come up here.
A few of the Jupiter's beards have small flowers (the pink in the lower right), but it's still pretty dry on the hill.