Week of November 06, 2005
New this week
Our olive tree has olives! It's on the hill, so I never noticed them before.
The peach tree has some nice fall color.

Supposedly we had the first big storm of the season this week. It didn't actually rain much, but it was cloudy most of the week.

I put new fall plants in the patio pots this week. The tulips are still in the refrigerator though.

I'm not sure if this aloe is bright red because of drought stress or the cooler weather. The two huge aloes further up the hill aren't quite as red.
The snowball bush has some nice color.
This is one of the patio pots: snapdragons, carnations, English daisies, and petunias.
The aeonium on the right opened up like a flower, I think because I watered it.
The usual spots
The peony on the left is showing some fall color.
The irises in the foreground seem happy.
The aloe in this bed gets more water than the ones on the hill, and it's much greener.
The mystery purple flowers are pretty much done blooming.
The leaves on the apricot tree on the left are mostly yellow this week.