Week of November 13, 2005
New this week
Several of the jade plants (the ones that get more sun) are starting to bloom.
The gazanias are starting to bloom near the workout root. The strange thing is that they were almost all dark orange when I bought them, but they now all seem to be yellow.

This week, I moved some of the ferns from the boxes to the hill under the pepper trees. There's no water there, but they should be able to get established during the rainy season.
The Jupiter's beard on the hill are showing the first signs of bloom.
I don't want to keep trimming this into a ball shape; it's going through an awkward phase right now.
The usual spots
The wisteria leaves are turning yellow.
I trimmed back the sprawling purple lantana that was taking over the path.
I think I may have killed the peony on the left of this bed by not watering enough.
Iceland poppies are finally starting to open.
The apricot tree has lost about half its leaves.