Week of November 20, 2005
New this week
These fuschias are just under the living room windows.
Paperwhites are coming up near the roses.

It rained all day the Friday after Thanksgiving. It's finally started to feel like winter. On Sunday, I took out the trellis on the hill that was supporting an old dead grapevine.
These ferns (originally from John and Michelle) were starting to overflow one of the planter boxes. I've read that the pepper trees put out chemicals that inhibit other plants; I guess I'll have to wait and see.
The usual spots
The hydragenea is still going strong in the front.
The purple lantana is no longer taking up half the path.
It's hard to see in this picture, but there are a few flowers on the red salvia in the front.
I was planning to put in a vegetable bed here, but I think it's too shady.
The hollyhock is starting to grow again.
The two Jerusalem sages in the back are starting to grow up, and they're much wider than they were when I planted them from 1 gallon pots.
I think the butterfly bush might have liked some more water this summer.