Week of November 27, 2005
New this week
Here are the two cistus I planted along the street. I'm hoping they'll eventually fill in this area between the street and the junipers on the right.
I'm not sure what this is, but it has some pretty red berries and survives at the end of the driveway with no extra water.

There was a big storm this week, with lots of rain. It's finally time to turn off the sprinklers in the front and for the pots. In the front, I planted two cistus near the street. There's no water there in the summer, so I'm hoping they will get established before summer.
I saw the first iceplant flower of the season on the hill.
Not really in the garden, but I spotted a group of deer coming down from the park and disappearing down a path next to the bamboo. This bamboo is just on the other side of our fence, near the gravel area. There's space between our fence and the neighbors' fence, leading to the downhill neighbor's yard.
The usual spots
The wisteria is now almost all yellow, and is starting to lose its leaves.
I'm not sure what plant with round leaves in the foreground is, but it seems to be coming back fine after I tried to get rid of it in the spring.
I'm thinking of trying a small vegetable garden on the hill, straight down from here, since that's one of the sunniest spots in the yard.