Week of December 04, 2005
New this week
Some sort of bulbs are coming up on the hill near the patio.
The big aloes are sending up flower spikes.

The hills aren't green yet, but grass and other plants are starting to come up all over after last week's rain. The weather planner said it got down to 33 this week!
The first signs of green are visible under the tree past the gravel area.
It wasn't cold enough to do any damage to bird of paradise near the pool.
The usual spots
The wisteria now has less than half its leaves.
The park in the background still looks brown, but there must be something good to eat there -- this week I saw a flock of wild turkeys there.
The wildflowers I planted last year look like they're starting to come up here.
The paperwhites are still going strong near the rose bushes.
This part of the hill should turn green soon.