Week of December 11, 2005
New this week
The Jerusalem sage is starting to shoot up.
The ferns I moved from the planter boxes are surrounded by new grass.

Almost overnight, the hill has turned green. The big hill north of Alum Rock Park still isn't completely green, but there's grass coming up all over.
This is the same spot as last week, where the grass was just starting to come in.
Something (maybe deer) has eaten most of the leaves of the shorter roses, but this one is still going.
The usual spots
The wind has blown off the rest of the wisteria leaves.
The hill in the background (part of Alum Rock Park) is green now.
The green fuzz is hopefully some of the the wildflowers I planted last fall coming back.
The salvia is starting to bloom again.
The penstemon in the middle is starting to perk up.
The Jupiter's beard mostly isn't blooming yet, but it's looking much greener.