Week of January 01, 2006
New this week
This flowering quince is next to the driveway. It doesn't have many leaves yet, but lots of flowers are starting to open.
This bird of paradise is on the hill near the path. The plants near the pool are blooming too.

We had lots of rain this week, mostly on Monday. The hill behind our house has a lot of green on it, but doesn't quite look green overall yet.
I thought this peony was dead, but now it seems to be coming back.
The usual spots
There's new grass all over the hill, but the grass in our front yard isn't very green.
The mystery bulbs on the hill are getting so big that they're starting to flop over.
The gazania aren't blooming yet, but they've filled in a lot since last summer.
The jade plant is still blooming, but there's not much else going on in this bed.
Some cala lilies are just starting to come up under the trellis.
There are actually a bunch of gazania flowers, but they're closed in cloudy weather.
The African (3rd from left) daisy is getting much bigger.
The hill is completely green now.