Week of January 08, 2006
New this week
Most of the narcissus under the master bedroom are opening now.
The big aloe on the hill still has lots of flowers.

This week I spent a few hours weeding -- the rain has made grass pop up everywhere. Around the palms in the patio, sweet peas and nasturtium from last year are coming back.
The bergenia near the master bedroom is blooming now; later in the spring I think I'll move some to the front yard.
This is the big sago palm; the other one is about 2/3 the size.
The usual spots
That's Sasha following me on the path.
The big aloes are visible in the background.
I trimmed back the breath of heaven a lot this week.
The brown patch is a bunch of branches from our neighbor's pepper tree. We're going to throw them back over the fence once the hill dries a little.