Week of January 15, 2006
New this week
A few cala lilies are starting to appear. There are lots of them in various places throughout the yard.
This is the first iris I've seen on the hill; most of them are still growing leaves.

This week, I planted sweet peas in the bed near the office and near the roses. I also put in peas, carrots, radishes, and assorted lettuces in the beds in the gravel area. Not much has happened yet; we didn't get very much rain, so maybe that's why.
The usual spots
It's hard to tell what part of the green is from wildflowers and what's from weeds.
Lots of narcissus are open now.
If the sweet peas ever come up, they'll grow right up the legs of this trellis.
The African daisy is about to start blooming.
The hill is now completely green and covered in grass.