Week of February 05, 2006
New this week
The daffodils are coming up all over the beds in the front yard.
A few irises are starting to open on the hill and in the front yard.

We got back from our trip to Belize & Guatamala Thursday night, and it seemed like spring had arrived while we were gone. It was warm, and there were spring flowers everywhere. I pruned the plum and peach trees on the hill.
The hill is covered in mustard flowers; the aloe is still blooming.
I pruned the rest of the roses a little, but this red one is already blooming.
A few months ago, I thought this peony was dead.
These are the first bulbs to come up in this bed.
The usual spots
There are daffodils all along this bed.
Paperwhites, salvia, and peony are are blooming now.
The Jerusalem sage in the back is sending up a flower spike.
The pink flowers are cape mallow.