Week of February 19, 2006
New this week
This African daisy has interesting flowers -- very thin petals.
On the hill, there are a few early irises. The lime green flowers are euphorbia; these are all over the hill.

No rain this week, and spring flowers continue to appear. On the hill, I laid out a path with stakes and put down the first half of the stepping stones.
Eventually this path will ead somewhere: I'm planning a vegetable bed here.
There are only a couple of anemones open in the bed with the roses.
The usual spots
The daffodils are still going strong. A few freesias are open now too.
The paperwhites are pretty much done, but the peony and salvia are still flowering.
There's a lantana in there somewhere that's eventually supposed to be 5 feet tall. Really, there is!
Lots of bulbs are coming up, but so far not many flowers are open.
There's a stray daffodil in this bed.
There are two African daisies in this bed, both getting big.
It's a little hard to tell, but we removed lots of branches from our neighbor's pepper tree (near the fence on the left).