Week of March 05, 2006
New this week
Lots of freesias are opening up in the front yard.
There's jasmin covering the fence near the avocado tree.

It rained almost every day this week. I've been looking at my gardening books for new plants to put in, but it's been too wet and cold.
There are pink and white azaleas between the ferns in the front.
In the gravel area bed, the African daisies, lavender, and erysimum are all in bloom.
The usual spots
The hills are green, but our grass isn't; maybe it's time to get a different kind.
The potato bush is only vaguely ball-shaped now.
There are a few freesias open now in the bed under the master bedroom.
The flower spikes on the aloes are now a foot or so tall.
Cala lilies and vinca are opening in this planter.
There are still just a few daffodils and anemones in here.
The apricot on the left only has a few flowers so far; the other apricot further down the hill has more.