Week of March 12, 2006
New this week
There are lots of mustard flowers on the lower part of the hill. The red flower spikes in the back right are aloe.
Cala lilies and alyssum are blooming near the stairs.

There was even more rain this week. The mountains on both sides of the valley were covered in snow, and Charlene and Peter had snow at their house on Saturday! I started seeds of melons, tomatoes, basil, and peppers inside.
There are California poppies all over the gravel area; this is one of the first to open.
I'd forgotten about this pot from last spring, but discovered them near the shed this week.
The usual spots
The daffodils in the front are pretty much done, but the freesias are just starting.
This view is looking down from near the pool.
The freesias in this bed are starting to open too.
The daffodils here seem to be several weeks behind those in the front yard.
The spots of red are penstemon.
Both types of African daisies seem to be doing well.