Week of March 19, 2006
New this week
There were only a few prickly pear fruits this year. There's a tough yellow rose starting to bloom to the right of the cactus.
I discovered this patch of sweet peas on the hill right next to the neighbor's fence. I don't know how they got there -- I didn't plant them.

There was still more rain this week, including two days with over half an inch each. I pulled lots of thistles on the hill, but there are probably lots still left. I also planted coreopsis seeds in the bed near the workout room; no sign of them yet. I went to the San Francisco Flower & Garden show and bought a couple of heuchera for the gravel bed area. I haven't planted them yet because it's too wet.
The usual spots
I can smell the freesias when I go out the front door.
The flower spikes on the aloes are getting bigger; there aren't any open yet.
There are some freesias blooming under the master bedroom window.
The lantana at the back of this bed is getting bigger.
About half the daffodils in this bed are open.
I put coreopsis seeds in the gaps here.
The heuchera will go on the right side of this bed; it's a little shady under the loquat tree.