Week of March 26, 2006
New this week
The plum tree near the street is in full bloom. The plums are small and sour, but the flowers are nice.
Pink jasmine is covering the fence near the avocado tree and climbing out onto the pool shed.

It rained most of this week, but it was dry a few days. I planted the heuchera in the gravel bed, divided some lamb's ears, and put in a white potato vine. I added a couple yarrow to the workout room bed, and planted dahlias, lilies, and seeds of nicotiana, sunflower, larkspur, and assorted flowers for drying in the bed under the office.
The nasturtiums in the patio are starting to bloom.
Some of the aloes on the hill are opening.
The usual spots
The lantana has reached the bottom of the posts!
Most of the daffodils are open now. The freesias all seem to be yellow -- I think the bulbs must've been mixed up at the nursery, because I thought they were going to be purple.
The bright red spot near the aloe is sedum; it also has some bright yellow flowers right now.
Hopefully the white potato vine will grow up onto the fence.
The orange spots are the aloes.