Week of April 02, 2006
New this week
The aloes all have flower spikes, but most aren't open yet.
Two turkeys walk across the front yard. They went through the hedge by the side driveway and back into the park.

It was rainy again this week, but it's warming up a little. The flowers on the hill seem to be a little later than last year. We've been seeing turkeys pretty regularly in the park across the street, and sometimes in the street. This week I saw some in our front yard!
The usual spots
The wisteria isn't doing much yet, but I've seen some in our neighborhood that are starting to get leaves.
The hill in the background is where we've seen the turkeys a lot this year.
The aloes all have flower spikes, and the purple iceplant is starting to bloom.
The freesias in this bed are still in bloom.
Some of the lilies in this bed are coming up.
The daffodils are starting to wither but the freesias are still going strong.
There a lot of gazanias in this bed, but they haven't been open yet because of the cloudy weather.
The lavender in this bed (front left) is starting to bloom. The potato vine (far right) has started grabbing on to the fence already.
There are lots of aloes and a few Jupiter's beard on the hill now.