Week of April 09, 2006
New this week
The ajuga next to the path in the front yard is blooming now.
The wisteria is just about to get flowers.

It rained even more this week; almost every day. I re-planted the pots on the patio, but everything else is still too wet.
In the bed under the master bedroom, the lavender is fighting its way through the narcissus foliage.
One of the big pots on the patio now has columbine, petunias, and pansies. The snapdragon has been there all winter.
The usual spots
The blue potato bush has sent out a single very long branch that needs to be trimmed.
The rose bushes in the background have lots of buds.
The aloe in the round planter area is starting to open. The Jerusalem sage in the background is growing fast -- it should have dozens of flowers soon.
Lots of aloes are open now on the hill.