Week of April 16, 2006
New this week
This part of the hill has a big patch of aloes. The lime green eurphorbia seems to be spreading.
The grass is getting pretty tall, but the iceplant is so bright it's still easy to see.

There was still a little rain and some clouds this week, but it's definitely getting warmer. There are lots of flowers on the hill, with more coming. This week, I fertilized the avocado, lemon, and lime trees, and the roses. I also transplanted some Jupiter's beard that was growing in the gravel to the side yard.
The nasturtiums are now several feet beyond the box.
There's another big patch of aloes near the gravel area.
The usual spots
The grass is actually starting to grow a little taller.
There are more aloes blooming near the steps up from the driveway.
The gazania have lots of flowers, but they're only open when it's sunny.
The Iceland poppies put up a flower every so often.
There are more gazania in this bed that will open when there's sun.