Week of April 23, 2006
New this week
The gazanias are finally open now that it's sunny.
I planted a wildflower mix here two years ago, but it looks like only the red flax made it.

This week it's definitely SPRING! No rain this week, and it was sunny and getting warmer every day. I did lots of weeding in the gravel area, and started working on the vegetable bed on the hill.
Iceplant, aloes, and red flax near the steps from the driveway.
I scattered California poppy seeds near the driveway, but they seem to like the gravel better.
These cala lilies are in the shade beyond the gravel area.
This is one of the raised beds in the gravel area; the Jupiter's beard is taking over.
This is the before-weeding view of the gravel area. I think there's enough dirt in the gravel now that the landscape fabric underneath doesn't help.
Aloes, Jupiter's beard, and mustard on the hill
The usual spots
The bed around the tree is getting overgrown with ivy; I'm going to work on this after I finish the vegetable bed.
The bright pink flowers are geraniums. The red flax is harder to see when it's a little cloudy.
It was a little cloudy when I took this.
The lantana in the back is now at least three feet tall.
The red roses are starting to bloom, and there are a few on the other roses too.
The Jerusalem sage in the back has flowers on almost every stem.
The lavender is getting a little crowded by the Santa Barbara daisy.
The steep part of the hill is covered with aloes and Jupiter's beard, with mustard lower down.