Week of May 07, 2006
New this week
The wisteria in the front yard is now completely covered in flowers.
The bouganvillea near the driveway seems to appreciate the warm weather.

The hills are definitely starting to look dry and brown now. There are still lots of spring flowers though.
I think these Jupiter's bear were seeded from the plants lower down on the hill. They're growing in the gravel next to the vegetable beds.
Most of the roses are blooming now. The pink ones on the left are very fragrant.
I mixed in a big bag of compost for each of the beds. I'm planning to put tomatoes, melons, and cucumbers here as soon as the sprinklers are ready.
The Jerusalem sage is almost as tall as the fence, and each stem has at least three flower clusters.
The usual spots
The grass will definitely be better off once we turn on the sprinklers.
In the background, there's a red rose that's growing on the hill.
The two light pink flowers on the right are oenothera; I thought it didn't make it last summer, but it's back now.
The snowball bush in the back left of this bed is starting to get covered in puffy white flowers.
There are lots of bulbs coming up in here now.
The Jupiter's beard and aloes are still blooming, but the hill is starting to look pretty brown.