Week of May 14, 2006
New this week
The gazania and oenothera have lots of flowers.
Some of the aloes are starting to lose some flowers, but there are still lots in bloom.

Just when I thought it was summer, it got cold and rainy again. There's a leak somewhere in the sprinkler line that goes to the hill, so I've been turning on the water near the house, running the sprinkler, then turning it off.
I think these acanthus came from one a little closer to the driveway. They've filled in most of the space between the grass and the edge of the front yard.
The irises are blooming now, but there aren't as many as last year; next year I'll divide them.
This part of the hill has lots of white Jupiter's beard.
I planted tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, and peppers here.
The usual spots
The wisteria flower clusters are getting covered in greenery.
The irises along the path are blooming now.
The pink lavatera is tall enough to see when sitting at my desk inside.
The roses all have lots of flowers right now.
Some of the Jupiter's beard is turning a light pink since it's been dry.