Week of June 04, 2006
New this week
There are probably a couple hundred avocados on the tree right now. We've picked about 25 but it hasn't made a dent.
This is the rose on the hill that gets no summer water.

It wasn't summery this week either; a few days the high was only 71. The sprinklers are finally fixed -- the repair guy found that tree roots had ripped some old galvanized pipe right out of the elbow. It was only used for a hose bib under the tree, so he capped it off. I transplanted some more melon seedlings to the bed on the hill, since about half of the first batch didn't make it.
The basil (middle) is ready to eat.
Last fall, the prickly pear cactus didn't have any prickly pears. Maybe it will this year, since there are lots of flowers and new growth.
The usual spots
The star jasmine on the right is also climbing up and through the hedge out of the picture to the right.
The flower spikes on the aloes are starting to fade.
I watered this area once this week; it doesn't have sprinklers.
The breath of heaven on the right doesn't seem to be filling back in; I think I'm going to cut it down.
The roses seem to be slowing down. There are two lavender plants in this bed that are starting to flower.
The penstemon is brighter this week.