Week of June 11, 2006
New this week
Last weekend I noticed that the agapanthus had flower spikes that were getting close to opening; this week they were all gone! I think deer ate them.
There are still some Jupiter's beard on the hill, but they're definitely starting to do dormant for the summer.

There were several cooler days this week, but it warmed up right before the weekend. I added a few coreopsis to the bed by the workout room, and have been working on a plan for the beds in the front yard.
Left front is tomato, right front is cucumber. The melons are in the middle.
The climbing rose on the patio started flowering this week.
The usual spots
I'm planning to get rid of lots of ivy and replace it with ferns here.
The aloes are pretty much all done now.
The lavatera has lots of new flowers; the dahlias and lilies are each about two feet tall.
The bright yellow spot is the new coreopsis I put in this week.
The Jupiter's beard on this part of the hill are almost done.