Week of June 18, 2006
New this week
It's not native, it's poisonous, but I like the oleander because it's covered in flowers when everything else is drying up.
The stepping stones are hidden by the grass the tree trimmers cut down; the tomatoes, melons, and cucumbers are getting bigger.

We had the tree trimmer guys come this week and trim lots of stuff: the ivy in the front, the olive trees, the grass on the hill, the pyracanthus by the path, the bamboo in the gravel area, the oleander near the house, the bushes in the front, two dead trees in the front, the potato bush near the entry; they also removed the prickly pear cactus that fell over.
The usual spots
There's a carnation in this bed already, so I bought another one but I haven't planted it yet.
The potato vine is now round again.
The dry flower stalks are still on the aloes, but the flowers are done.
Whatever was eating the agapanthus in the front so far hasn't found the one in this bed.
There are now some orange gladiolus in this bed.
There are still a few red penstmon flowers in this bed, but the Jerusalem sage is pretty much done.
There's just a little color left in the Jupiter's beard but the hill is pretty much dry now.