Week of June 25, 2006
New this week
The plum tree on the hill seems to have two different types of plums: these are bigger and the skin is dusty purple.
These are only a little bigger than cherries and bright red.

It was warm this week, but much cooler than the previous week. One of the sprinkler valves is leaking, so I've been keeping the water off, then turning it on just to run the sprinklers on the hill.
This is looking up the hill toward the gravel area, after the tall grass has been cut down.
Both of the peach trees have fruit now, but it's not ripe yet.
The usual spots
The hydrangea in this bed is blooming pink. Two more flower stalks appeared on the agapanthus and then got eaten.
There are several gladiolus now. Also, some of the dahlias are getting close to blooming.
There are a few red roses now.
I found out this bed hadn't had water for a couple of weeks because it was on the line that I turned off, so I ran the sprinklers for a while.
The cherry tree in the distance has lots more leaves this year than it did last year.