Week of July 02, 2006
New this week
The hydrangea under the tree in the front has lots of pink flowers now (and the deer don't seem to like them).
There are two peach trees on the hill; this one has peaches ready to eat, but the other doesn't yet.

It wasn't that warm for 4th of July, but it warmed up later in the week. There's a tiny bit of green left on the hills, but not much.
The backup plants in the patio container are still bigger than the ones on the hill. There are small green tomatoes, one small pepper on each pepper plant, and lots of basil.
The hill looks very different in summer than in winter
The usual spots
So far the deer haven't eaten the flowers on the agapanthus near the potato bush.
The iris foliage is pretty much the only green left in this bed.
Agapanthus and Russian sage are blooming near the wall.
The lavatera and gladiolous are still blooming.
Both the red and white roses are starting to get more flowers again.
This bed is still green, but not much is blooming other than the sedum.