Week of July 16, 2006
New this week
I watered the nicotiana a few times extra, but we were out of town during the hottest few days, and they were a little scraggly when we got back.
There are lots of small new avocados on the tree (and still lots of full size ones too)

The web site I've been using for temperatures says the high for the week was 102, but it was definitely hotter than that. Our thermometer against the house (in the shade) recorded a high of 107! The pool was up to 92 before we started running the water through the solar panels at night to cool it down.
The tomatoes in the patio pot are getting bigger, but aren't red at all yet.
The first lily is blooming in the bed in front of the office.
The usual spots
The hydrangea has a lot of bright pink flowers.
There's a stray gladiolus blooming in the bed under the master bedroom.
There's not much going on in the bed along the stairs.
The grape vine is getting pretty tall, but no sign of any grapes yet.
I need to take out the breath of heaven on the right side of this bed.
The lambs ears I moved to the right of the bed seem to be doing fine; I've been running the soaker every other week here.
There aren't any flowers left on the Jupiter's beard, but the foliage still has some green.