Week of July 23, 2006
New this week
I'm not sure why the deer didn't eat these flowers; the flowers on the agapanthus under the tree all disappeared just before they opened.
The hydrangea under the big tree in the front has bright pink flowers.

It was very hot through the weekend but starting cooling down early in the week. I watered the avocado tree and the beds under the master bedroom and in the gravel area.
The silk tree near the driveway is covered in fluffy pink flowers.
Another of the lilies is open; this one is too top heavy and keeps falling over.
The usual spots
The nicotiana and ferns I transplanted here might not survive the heat wave.
The purple lantana near the path on the left is starting to get lots of flowers.
The flower stalks on the Jerusalem sage have all dried up.
The big apricot tree near the top of the hill didn't have many apricots this year.