Week of July 30, 2006
New this week
The aloe in the bed near the workout room is almost closed up now because it hasn't been getting much water.
The two deodar cedars in the patio have lots of green cones.

Even though it's the middle of summer, it's still getting cool at night -- this week's low is 55. That's supposedly the minimum for the tomatoes to set fruit.
The purple lantana near the front entrance is blooming and starting to spill over the path again.
I'm not sure where this tree came from, but it's getting pretty big; I should move it to somewhere else on the hill.
The usual spots
I think the heat wave killed the nicotianas I put in this bed.
The agapanthus is still blooming in the front; nothing has come to eat it yet.
The red salvia is the only thing blooming now in this bed.
The pink lilies need to be staked.
The non-fruiting avocado tree by the side of the house has been dropping lots of leaves recently.