Week of August 06, 2006
New this week
The tomatoes on the patio are starting to turn red now.
One the yuccas in the hill started blooming this week.

There was one hot day this week, but also a few days with highs only in the mid-70s. No sign of rain yet, but it has been cool and cloudy in the mornings.
There are belladonna lilies blooming now on the hill near the path and also in the bed near the roses.
Sasha ran right up into the loquat tree.
The usual spots
Sasha was following me as I walked around taking pictures.
The belladonna lilies are the pink spot on the right.
The Jersalem sage flower stalks are completely dry now, but the main part of the plant it putting out lots of new leaves.
I put a mulch of chopped up leaves on this bed this week.
The mystery plant with the purple flowers in the back of this bed has been growing lots of new leaves.
The lilies are done now, and the dahlias aren't doing much yet.
There's no sign of grapes on this grapevine; I'm still not sure if it's just a root sucker.