Week of August 13, 2006
New this week
This gladiolus just opened this week in the front yard.
The silk tree near the driveway is still covered in flowers.

It was warm but not hot this week. There are lots of red tomatoes in the patio planter now, and the melons are starting to get big on the hill. The fruit trees are all done for the season; there were lots of peaches but just a few apricots.
This is the biggest melon; there are several others in the lower part of the bed. There are also a bunch of round cucumbers ripe now.
The belladonna lily in the bed near the roses is very pretty right now.
The usual spots
The wisteria is sending out lots of tendrils but there's not really anything for them to attach themselves to.
The aloes in this bed are almost closed up from lack of water.
The belladonna lily is next to the grape vine.
The sprinklers for this bed got turned off somehow; now they're back on and running once a week.
This bed is due for some water; I've been running the soaker hose every other week.
I didn't find any apricots on the tree on the left, but it's a little hard to access.