Week of August 20, 2006
New this week
There's still a bit of color on the centrathus on the hill.
This patch of centrathus is probably getting some of the water from the drippers around the cherry tree.

This week, I ran all of the sprinklers on the hill for an hour. I've been trying to give the hill a good soaking once a month.
There are peppers on all three plants (jalapeno, Anaheim, and habenero), and several ripe tomatoes.
I divided the lamb's ears earlier in the year and they seem to be spreading.
The usual spots
So far there's no sign of the ivy coming back in this area.
There are lots of amaryllis blooming now.
The red salvia seems to have grown a lot over the last few weeks.
There's more amaryllis in this bed; the lavender in the front is also doing well.
The red flowers are dahlias, although I don't remember planting ones of that description.
The avocado tree on the side of the house (the one that doesn't fruit) has dropped a lot of leaves recently.