Week of August 27, 2006
New this week
The prickly pear on the side of the house had just one or two fruits last fall, but this year there are lots.
The yuccas on the hill are now all in bloom.

It's still warming up during the day, but it's been cool and foggy in the mornings. No sign of rain yet though.
One of the melons is ripe. The tomatoes here never got very big; they get a lot of sun so maybe next year I'll try adding more compost.
These amaryllis are in the bed near the stairs.
The usual spots
The seed pods on the wisteria are almost a foot long, but still green.
The lantana has spread over about half of the path.
Next spring I'm going to try adding a lot more compost to this bed.
I put chopped up leaves from the non-fruiting avocado all around this bed.