Week of September 10, 2006
New this week
The prickly pears are almost all dark pink now, and a few have fallen off.
There are two of these light yellow melons getting close.

Just when it was feeling like fall, there was one really warm day. Some leaves are starting to fall off from the tree near the steep driveway in the front.
I'm not sure what this bush is, but it's covered in red berries.
New cactus pads are sprouting from the roots of the prickly pear cactus that fell down in late December
The usual spots
So far it looks like the mulch is holding back the ivy.
The grass seems to have survived the summer but it doesn't look that great.
The jade plant near the corner is very dry, and has lost a few branches.
The peony on the left is starting to die down.
The spots of color are dahlias.
I should cut down the dried flower stalks from the Jerusalem sage.
There's a small tree aloe down on the hill that is looking very dry.