In camp

We camped on the beach every night. Everything we brought was covered in sand within a day or two. Most nights, we slept in the open since it was too hot for a tent and there weren't any bugs. We packed all of our stuff into two yellow dry bags, one for our clothes and one for the sleeping equipment provided by CanX.
We took baths and washed our clothes in the cold river. The easiest way to do it was to jump right in -- it was too cold to go in slowly.

On the fifth day, Sera (one of our guides) spilled boiling water on her leg. After trying to keep the burn clean for a day, they decided it would be best to evacuate her. Lucca called in the Park Service helicopter to take Sera back to the South Rim, where she was expected to be ok.

Here Kimberly relaxes while waiting for the dinner conch call.

Bill, Paul the guide, Lucca, and Molly cook dinner.

Here's a group photo on the last night of the trip.

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